Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Friday That Everything Changed

A story with school children really can show how we still are stereotyping sexes.

The teacher Miss.Ralston in The Friday Everything Changed story seems to be like to people in one.I can tell this story is about a small school many years ago. It was more traditional for teacher like Miss.Ralston to be a one sided teacher but she breaks the barrier because yes, she is a fine lady with beautiful nylon stockings. She is a tough teacher, although willing to bend the “unwritten” rules. The girls adore her because she is lady like and the boys do also for trying and strapping hard. Miss.Ralston respects everyone by these rules people sent for her like a perfect lady teacher by also a real person!


  1. What you said was solid, I like your writing, it's strong and clear. Good job :)

  2. I agree with Sarah. I really like your writing! Everything you said I totally agree with.

  3. I liked the way you wrote this paragraph its different then every blog iv read already is definetly well done.